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Why do a digital audit?

A Kite Online digital audit evaluates your entire existing or potential digital output, identifies issues and opportunities, and leaves you with an implementation plan. The end result is that you can stop wasting time on technical issues and focus on producing great content for your customers.

A strategic way forward

An audit will highlight quick wins and longer term digital strategies and show you how to put them in place.

A cohesive web management plan

Web marketing can get messy. An audit will show you how to get all of your digital channels in sync.

A fresh pair of eyes

When you're close to a project it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. An objective assessment is invaluable.

Return on investment

Disjointed digital marketing reduces your return on investment. Solid ROI informs all of our digital audits.

What does a Kite Online digital audit look like?

Kite Online digital audit reports are available to the client as a secure page on this website so you can access it anywhere, any time (you will receive a URL and password) and as a PDF.

Each report contains comprehensive analysis of existing online output, digital strategy advice, implementation instructions and links to relevant online resources.

All reports are written in clear, concise language designed for client implementation and for digital marketing managers to communicate easily to colleagues.

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